about the book

Do you like fantasy? Mystery? Surprises?

Do you like secret organizations that have worked covertly over the years?

Do you like some occasional butt-kickery, with a side of cerebral (and somewhat sarcastic) discourse?

Well, I think you're in luck.

About the plot:

On one hand,we have Saban and Margo (pictured on the cover) and their friend, Mikey, attending a small southern college. On the other hand, we have young covert operatives, some of whom are literally family to one another, dropping out of the sky on a secret mission that will become clearer as the story progresses. And on some third hand you have...well, I don't want to give too much away too soon.

But obviously, they are all going to connect, and even before the prologue is done, we know there is at least one connection.

And remember, we're just getting started! This book is a complete story in itself, but it lays a lot of groundwork, and the details of what has gone on before. What happens next will continue to peel back the truth, layer by layer.

Behind the plot:
I wanted to write something that would be clever enough that any adult would be intrigued - but clean enough that young adults would not be excluded. I wanted something that would appeal to anyone who likes to read (and maybe even people who don't). And I'm a fan of classic sci-fi and fantasy literature - but I'm tired of books that rely on making a mockery of traditional values, as if that's never been done before. Where is the heroism in that? So I went for clever but clean.

Why "clever?" When it comes to movies and TV, I like pure action and adventure, sure; but I like the underpinnings to possess some kind of cerebral and moral base, where the reader or watcher might have to ponder a few points afterward. I'm a big fan of Joss Whedon's style, the way he incorporates humor and tragedy and smarm so effortlessly.

Why "clean?" Because I'm accountable, as a father, an uncle and as a man in general. It's a shame that so much of our culture today appeals to the lowest common denominators of human existance. I see writers who substitute sex for plot, gore for suspense - and for some reason, audiences let them get away with it. Yet some of the highest grossing movies and books are written for kids or at least rated "PG", and I think it's because when you take away all the profanity and rawness that is so prevalent, you either have a good story or you don't.

I think we have a good story.

coming up
Friday, October 5th, 2007
Amelelia Island Book Festival
All day, but on panel from 1-2pm
Centre Street, Fernindina, FL