about the author

Dante Amodeo was born in upstate New York and lived on a farm (complete with cattle, chickens, horses, and one poor milk cow named Peg) in his early years. He moved to Florida by way of Georgia in his teen years.

When he turned seventeen, he left home and embarked on a journey that would pass through many vocations.

He has been, at one time or another:

a burger flipper,
paralegal assistant,
computer tutor,
ballroom dance instructor,
FM disc jockey,
licensed insurance agent,
mental health worker (with troubled and at-risk teens),
computer repair business-owner,
network engineer,
nationally recognized seminar instructor,
and programmer.

Most of this was before he turned thirty-five.

Along the way, he also acquired a Top Secret clearance and served in military reserves, coming in as an E-1 and leaving as a O-2 many years later. That military training has proved handy, many times over, in civilian life.

But there are two more titles of which he is most proud, positions that he still holds and will not relinquish: "husband" is one. "Daddy" is the other. All of the other jobs combined are worth less than either of these two.

The author likes to think of all these jobs as making him "well-rounded." And it's true, as his wife will affirm: he gets rounder each passing year.

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